NuImage Medical Review

Note: The above person lost weight in 5 years using Nuimage Medical. She has documented her journey @

NuImage Medical is one of most authoritative HCG company online.

They sell only prescribed HCG drops. Using NuImage Medical, as your HCG supplier has several benefits.

One among them is medical support. Usually, you are stuck whenever, you are trying something new. And that is why support is of importance. If you are trying HCG diet and are trying HCG drops for the first time then you will be looking forward to support from experts.

Nuimage Medical has team of expert doctors guiding you on the email or phone (depending upon the plan you chose).

Note: HCG Complex also provides support for users. Once you buy from them, you will get access to join their forum. Here you can ask questions and share feedback with other users. However, unlike NuImage Medical there won't be any expert doctor guiding you.

Secondly, their HCG is manufactured within US.

We are not sure about other companies as to their manufacturing process. But NuImage Medical boasts of authentic HCG made in US.

NuImage Medical is fairly unknown in the HCG drops world. But they are well known when it comes to HCG injections.

They recommend HCG injections over HCG drops, stating that one loses weight more with injections. All the necessary protocol will be provided and you will have support for the entire month or till the program ends.

Only disadvantage of their program is price.

On average their monthly plan starts anywhere from $200 to $300. Price also varies as to whether you opt for Injections or Drops.

If you are tight on budget or do not wish to shell more than $100 then this is not for you.

On the other hand, if your budget is high and spending $300 seems okay then we highly suggest that you ignore HCG Complex and HCG Triumph. Buy straight away from Nuimage Medical.

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