HCG Complex Review

We have reviewed HCG Complex and this is what we found:

  • Its highly effective in weight loss
  • It has no minor side effects which are found in other HCG drops
  • It is Cheap and
  • When you buy one, you get one free
  • Sounds too good to be true, isn't it?

    Well, even we were sceptic when we first heard about HCG complex. The answer is simple. It doesn't contain even a single drop of HCG hormone. We decided to order and check it by ourselves.

    We ordered a bottle and of course received one for free. The bottle arrived after 4 days. Packaging was good and delivery time was average.

    Coming to the bottle, it was bluish in color with the dropper being of premium quality. In the past we have noticed some HCG merchants providing poor quality dropper. But HCG complex's was top notch.

    We followed the 1200 calorie routine.

    From day 1 to 10 no weight loss occurred.

    From day 10 to 20 some of us started losing an average of 0.5 lb per day.

    On day 20 we were done with first bottle. It was time to open the free bottle which accompanied with our purchase. The free bottle was no different than the original one.

    We used the free bottle for the next 20 days.

    In total, we had lost 15 lbs in 40 days.

    It is to be noted that we adhered to the HCG diet strictly.

    This brings us to the question as to how one can lose weight using drops that do not contain a single drop of HCG.

    We went the HCGcomplex.com and looked over for more information as to how the drops are prepared.

    We were shocked to know that the drops contained several ingredients. Most of these ingredients are known for their appetite suppressant properties and also for increasing metabolism rate. There we had our answer.

    Combining HCG diet with a powerful appetite suppressant and fat burner is sure to melt your weight away.

    This doesn't make HCG Complex a homeopathy HCG. Reason being Homeopathy HCGs are made by diluting a single drop of HCG with 10x /100x of water.

    But that doesn't make HCG complex a Pure HCG drop either.

    HCG Complex is a step above Pure HCG drops. It is better at weight loss and suppressing appetite.

    Thus our reason for ranking HCG Complex as #1.

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