About Us

HCG Police is a review website catered to the HCG drops niche. It was created with one thing in mind, to find the best hcg drops in the market.

We are a team of people following the HCG diet and trying various hcg drops available in the market. Most of them are just water. We don't want people to lose their money on water. Hence, we review hcg drops available in the market.

We try our best to give you the HCG Drops which works best.

Our review process is simple.

  • We buy a certain brand of HCG drops.
  • Use it for an entire month.
  • And then track the results.
  • Depending upon the results we rank each HCG drops over here.

    We update our results every six months.

    If you have any type of query pls contact us.